"My goal is to be a driver of change and carry out work that empowers women"

Trina is also the Co-Founder of Curlture, a platform boasting over 50,000 followers that empowers women to embrace their natural hair, beauty and culture. The success of Curlture led Trina and co-founder to self-publish a book KINK- a collection of poetry and photography to empower Black women against colourism and texture discrimination. They have appeared on radio and TV including BET international, BBC1 Xtra and more.

I want representation, I want to see more women who look like me. I want to see Black women, women with their natural hair, plus size women having fun and jiggling their beauty. Women breaking stereotypes and not living up to European standards of beauty. I want to see size inclusivity in fashion collections and women not giving into the pressures of social media to be 'accepted'. Women being unapologetic in their skin, being brave, being vocal and being seen.

So I become her.